A proposed urban trail to experience Denver's art, health, and heritage.


The 303 ArtWay is an exciting new catalyst for Denver. It is a proposed art-themed urban trail connecting paved walkways and bike paths through the Park Hill Neighborhood with a larger vision to expand through Denver. The trail will highlight the visionaries and artists, leaders and community activists who have brought so much life to this unique and diverse neighborhood.  

The “303” will provide:

o   Improved sidewalks and bike infrastructure, creating safer routes through the area, and in the process reducing car traffic while encouraging a healthier, more active lifestyle.

o   It will improve “first- and last-mile connections” to the new transit station, allowing residents better access to the entire metro Denver region via the region’s expanding light and commuter rail network.

o   A reason for more people to get outside and walk, bike, or wheelchair roll.  And more people outside in their communities means more “eyes on the street” making neighborhoods safer by reducing crime and allowing residents to feel better about where they live.

o   Because this area of the city has insufficient public infrastructure, and also has residents who suffer from some of the highest rates of obesity, heart disease, and other health maladies in the metro area, this future urban trail—and all the attributes it can provide--could make a monumental difference in the quality of life for many NE Denver residents.

o   BUT, the trail will be more than just a new way to get around NE Denver—it also will be used to highlight Denver art and artists, as well as local history, heritage, and culture.

o   In a larger sense, the creation of the 303 is a chance to show the region and the nation how improved walking and biking connectivity, along with local art and heritage, can strengthen the bonds of community, contribute to neighborhood “placemaking,” and make for a fun and healthy viable alternative to people using their cars to get around their own neighborhoods.


Experience more than just a trail.


The 303 is envisioned to be a cultural- and art-themed urban trail that will have 3 themes central to Northeast Denver:

o    Art: the 303 will have public art installations at locations along the trail.  These will be from local Denver artists and selected by representatives of the community.

o    Health: along the trail at certain locations will possibly be workout stations for people to exercise.  Of course, using the trail for walking or biking will in-and-of-itself a healthy alternative to using a car.

o    Heritage: the 303 will have signage and educational placards along its route highlighting significant historical buildings and other sites, as well as showcasing past and present community visionaries, civil rights leaders, artists, and other notable community members—all selected by representatives of the community.

The 303 will help both residents and visitors to NE Denver experience the history, art, and culture of the local communities while walking or biking along its future pathway. 

Overall, the 303 ArtWay is intended to provide better connectivity in a safe, fun, and healthy way without having to depend on an automobile. 

The process of visioning and implementing the 303 is offering the bold vision of an opportunity for all NE Denver residents to unite in helping plan and create a lasting legacy that will benefit community members from all walks of life for generations to come.

The trail will also provide the community additional platforms for events and activities, such as parades and group bicycle events. Additionally, the trail and its events will lead people directly to many of the small businesses of the area, boosting their visibility and patronage.


Art Installations

Cake crumbs - Sm Biz.jpg

Small Businesses



Be active in the city.


Community members, walkers, runners, bicyclists, urban explorers, and exercise enthusiasts, to name a few groups, will be able to utilize the approximately 9 miles of trail as a connection through Park Hill. Walk or bike from your favorite areas of the neighborhood, to the Fairfax and Kearney shopping areas, the schools, and many historic buildings of North Park Hill as well as the major public attractions of the Denver Museum of Science & Nature and Denver Zoo near South Park Hill.


Explore traditions and history through the generations.


Park Hill is a pivotal community in Denver’s history. Park Hill is where many important events have occurred around diversity, civil rights, and urban development of the 20th century. People that utilize the trail will have the opportunity to learn about these stories while they walk, bike, or run the trail with wayfinding signs, landmarks, and historical story boards. Park Hill will be chronicled for the members and guests of the community.


A community-focused and

 community driven project

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 8.58.02 AM.png

The 303 ArtWay is intended to be a community-focused and community driven project.  Though-out the end of 2015 and 2016, ULC partnered with PlatteForum and Northeast Transportation Connections (NETC) to help conceptualize and conduct early planning for the 303 trail.  Both organizations conducted a robust community outreach process to reach out to local residents and community representatives to help determine what and how the 303 ArtWay should be developed. 

Many adult and even youth “visioning” exercises and other community events and activities were held to gather local input into the planning of the 303.  NETC in particular collected well over 1,000 surveys from residents asking such questions as what destinations should the 303 connect to (top two choices: Denver Museum of Science/Denver Zoo/City Park and 40th & Colorado Rail transit station), what about the project most interests you (top three: health benefits, bringing public art to the community, and connection to transit), and the overall importance of the project to the community (92.9% of respondents said moderately important to extremely important)


On the trail.

The trail will begin and end in destinations that are sought by the entire city and unique to the Park Hill Community, starting in the Northeast Park Hill neighborhood. The intent is to provide connections throughout Greater Park Hill in conjunction with the arrival of the East Corridor Commuter Rail. 

The first phase of the 303 ArtWay will start at the A Line commuter rail station at 40th and Colorado and will end at Holly Square on 33rd and Holly. The second phase will pick up at Holly Square and continue through North Park Hill all the way to South Park Hill for the third phase that will include destinations such as the Denver Zoo and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.