A future urban trail in Denver’s Northeast Park Hill neighborhood


The 303 ArtWay Heritage Trail is a future 4 mile bike and pedestrian loop connecting RTD’s A Line Commuter Rail Station with Holly Square in Northeast Park Hill. The Heritage Trail is a community driven project, with local community stakeholders playing a major role in the outcome of the future urban path. 303 ArtWay will highlight the visionaries, artists, leaders and community activists who have brought so much life to this historically unique and diverse neighborhood, all while increasing safety and connectivity throughout the Northeast Park Hill community.

The Heritage Trail will provide:

o   Dedicated sidewalks and bike infrastructure, creating safer routes throughout the neighborhood.

o   Improved “first- and last-mile connections” to the 40th & Colorado Transit Station, allowing residents better access to the entire metro Denver region via the region’s expanding light and commuter rail network.

o   A tribute to Northeast Park Hill’s diverse and vibrant heritage told through art installations, wayfinding signage and additional creative placemaking opportunities.


Experience more than just a trail.


The 303 is envisioned to be a cultural- and art-themed urban trail that will have 3 themes central to Northeast Denver:

o    Art: the 303 will have public art installations at locations along the trail.  These will be from local Denver artists and selected by representatives of the community.

o    Health: along the trail at certain locations will possibly be workout stations for people to exercise.  Of course, using the trail for walking or biking will in-and-of-itself a healthy alternative to using a car.

o    Heritage: the 303 will have signage and educational placards along its route highlighting significant historical buildings and other sites, as well as showcasing past and present community visionaries, civil rights leaders, artists, and other notable community members—all selected by representatives of the community.

The 303 will help both residents and visitors to NE Denver experience the history, art, and culture of the local communities while walking or biking along its future pathway. 

Overall, the 303 ArtWay is intended to provide better connectivity in a safe, fun, and healthy way without having to depend on an automobile. 

The process of visioning and implementing the 303 is offering the bold vision of an opportunity for all NE Denver residents to unite in helping plan and create a lasting legacy that will benefit community members from all walks of life for generations to come.

The trail will also provide the community additional platforms for events and activities, such as parades and group bicycle events. Additionally, the trail and its events will lead people directly to many of the small businesses of the area, boosting their visibility and patronage.


Explore traditions and history through the generations.


Northeast Park Hill is a pivotal community in Denver’s history. This neighborhood is where many important events have occurred around diversity, civil rights and urban development of the 20th century. People using the Heritage Trail will have the opportunity to learn about these stories through wayfinding signs, landmarks, art installations and historical story boards. 

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